Low impact abdominal exercises - Low Impact Abdominal Strengthening & Toning Exercises

According to the American Council on Exercise, it's preferable for older people to perform exercises in a weight-bearing, or standing,...

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The abdominal muscles can be a tricky group to train -- 1, crunches and your abs are still hiding under that lovely little layer of flab. While crunches and situps are low-impact, they do little to strengthen and tone your abs as a whole.

There are several low-impact exercises that rouse the bulk of your abdomen and core to help vitalize and tone your entire mid-section. This stability ball hyper-extension situp exercise targets your rectus abdominis muscles and, to a lesser extent, your obliques. The increase of this exercise is nearly the same to the basic situp, respect it requires you to break the ice through a much greater kind of motion with your abs starting from a lengthened arrangement rather than at rest.

Settle on a stability ball and slowly walk your feet away from the ball allowing the ball to roll up your body until your back rests over the top. Extend your arms overhead until your fingers are touching or nearly distressful the floor behind you. With your knees bent and feet firmly on the floor, come down with your abdominal muscles and breathe out as you slowly lift your torso until you're in the sitting position. Slowly lower deceitfully to the starting position.

The slower you move during that exercise, the more you're present to feel your abs moving.

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The essentials are simple: Using a timer with minute increments, move from one exercise station to the next, allowing yourself 10 seconds rest between each even though this is a station routine, it is more than okay to start with only and build your way to Go through each exercise, and then take a minute and 20 second break before repeating the routine. Do this 2 to 5 times based on ability. Since we already provided you with a basic, all-around exercise routine using this system, we figured it was time to start focusing on specific areas of the body, especially now that summer is here.

The abdomen was the logical first choice, and so here is a list of exercises to do once a week in place of the general routine to get those ripped abs. For an abdomen heavy workout such as this, you should be sure to clear an area that is reasonably padded since most exercises involve lying on the ground.

Also, be sure to set up the stations beforehand, since exercises will be done in rapid succession. Finally, equipment is only needed for the exercise if noted. Starting out on all fours, stretch one arm out directly in front of you while stretching the opposite leg directly behind. Do the same with the other arm and leg, and continue until the minute is up. Perhaps even too easy.

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  • Low impact abdominal exercises are less of a pain in the neck than your...
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Twist Your Tube Sit upright in your chair and wrap your fingers around a piece of exercise tubing with your hands placed shoulder-width apart. The way it works is by activating the transverse abdominis muscle that wraps around the core, drawing it in like a corset.

Now, raise your legs so that your feet hover roughly six inches from the ground. To increase the difficultly, hold dumbbells in your hands with your arms down by your sides. You only need one dumbbell. To give them a little kick, while balancing on your elbow, use the opposite arm to reach up in the air as high as you can.

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