Calvin chen joanne tseng dating - Are Calvin Chen and Joanne Tseng dating secretly?

However, last month, Calvin was seen waiting discreetly outside a movie theatre at night. After a while, a long-legged female who is said to look like...

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Taiwanese actor Calvin Chen was first rumoured to be dating Taiwanese actress Joanne Tseng in , after they starred alongside each other in the drama, Love Buffet.

Although the public initially thought that the reports of their supposed relationship were fabricated to drum up publicity for the drama, in , Joanne appeared to confirm their relationship in an interview. The actress admitted that she had cried for a month after breaking up with Calvin, implicitly confirming their relationship.

Their relationship soon took a turn for the worse, until Joanne reached out to Calvin upon receiving news that his grandfather was in poor health. Later, she returned back home, accompanied by Calvin. Once they reached her house, Calvin entered her house as well, and only emerged half an hour later.

If the problem persists, please contact customer care. Calvin Chen and Joanne Tseng rekindle their romance? Be the first to comment. Louis Koo confirmed to have gone through cervical spine surgery.

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Calvin Chen (Taiwan) talks about new drama and Golden Melody Festival

Why does he /insist/ on lying?

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Chrissie Chau has denied rumors that she is dating Calvin Chen. The two were seen chatting blithely with Calvin's arm thrown around Chrissie and the two looked every tittle like a couple. Different years ago, Calvin apparatus the rumor mill abuzz after news that he was dating actress Joanne Tseng circulated. And in , the star was said to be dating Cherry Yu from the variety show, University. Same Us on Facebook. When pressed about the penetrating photos, however, Chrissie was quick to clarify that it was merely photographs of the pair shorring for their new spider's web series, Beauty Apartment.

She goes on to reckon that while she has previously collaborated with Fahrenheit's Jiro Wang, this was her first project with Calvin, who she commends for his professionalism and friendliness. With regards to a future romance with Calvin, Chrissie says that they've only gotten to know each other just now.

On top of his current media projects, Calvin is also known into successful ventures outside of showbiz, including a bakery, a hair salon and a fashion store.

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Calvin chen joanne tseng dating

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Taiwanese actor Calvin Chen was first rumoured to be dating Taiwanese actress Joanne Tseng in , after they starred alongside each. The singer-actor may not be dating actress Joanne Tseng after all. Taiwanese singer-actor...