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The Ecclesiastical Province of Cambrai offers a highly interesting test case for both the field of borderlands studies and transregional history: This contribution...

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  • Exile encounters and cross-border mobility in early modern borderlands

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As such, the borderlands of the Ecclesiastical Province of Cambrai came to constitute a transregional node within the Catholic Reformation of the early modern era. And finally, Catholics from all over the Habsburg Netherlands still preferred to flee to its southernmost French-speaking part, remaining more or less legally within the bounds of Habsburg territory.

The city still hosts an episcopal see, once extending over the Low Countries and France alike Pierrard, In , the future Cardinal William Allen travelled to Rome and obtained the foundation of an English College in Douai, which would become a stronghold for the training of young English clerics for their mission in their native country. The author wishes to thank them both, as well as the anonymous reviewers of this journal for their comments.

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