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It is in the territory of the nomadic Gabbra people. It is composed of claystones , siltstones , and sandstones that preserve numerous fossils of land mammals , including early...

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Nelson Published in Kenya Past and Present , Its purpose is to introduce students to the areas of knowledge they must master if they are to work in the field as palaeoanthropologists. Each year about 45 students participate in the Field School, including a number of Kenyans who are supported by international scholarships made available through the National Museums. This site is used to teach students excavation techniques, how to take excavation notes, field cataloging procedures, piece plotting of individual artefacts, instrument leveling for site mapping and excavation, and how to recognize and recover small fragments of human bone.

Because artefacts and bone fragments are very common, three days of work at Jarigole is equivalent to three weeks of work at a stone age site.

Jarigole is also used to show students how research questions are formulated and answered in the context of site excavation.

The Jarigole Pillar Site is one of five known archaeological sites in the Turkana Basin that combine large, low mounds, pillars, platforms and cairns Figure 1. Robbins and Lynch measured pillar alignments at the Kalakol Pillar Site and argued that it was an astronomical observatory made by Cushitic speakers and dating to the first millennium B. Re-measurement of the pillar alignments and other observations by Soper 1 and Stiles 2 show that this interpretation is not likely to be correct.

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Short shorts picture gallery It is in the territory of the nomadic Gabbra people. The term East Turkana can be used for the...
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Nderit Ware is the most complex of all the Pastoral Neolithic ceramic wares. Nonetheless, this amount of variation is still significantly larger than our excavated sample. This interpretation is supported by the fact we find numerous pot sherds within the mound which have been weathered by exposure on the surface and then reburied. Throughout the excavation, the construction fill contains high densities of fragmentary bones and artefacts which have been mixed into the fill as new burials intruded into and scattered the contents of the old.

The first is to report the preliminary results of the Field School's work at Jarigole, particularly with respect to the structure and contents of the site. The advantage of the "core reduction strategy" was more and thinner flakes per mass of cores.

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