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The protagonist Komori Yui is an average high school student. However, when she was young, different things happened around her. Things...

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Reheater shows up againand this time, Ayato and him have a showdown. Yeah, I saw a ratio of People who liked this game and people who hated it being, like 4: Me and my friend looked through other forums and reviews after reading this, and we were shocked at the actual games contents. Notify me of new posts via email. So excited for Ozmafia! Chichinashi discovers that Reiji is trying to make a medicine that can revive the death, and when Reiji catches her reading his notes, he flips shit and tries to kill her.

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We are powerless to realize iTunes on your computer. To private showing or accept TV shows, sick with iTunes immediately. Unfastened iTunes to advance showing or secure TV shows. Yui Komori's abb� moves near, so he sends her to charged in a modern metropolis with the six Sakamaki brothers. When she arrives at their mansion, she discovers that they are vampires. They maltreat her psychologically and physically, oftentimes feeding touched in the head her.

While she optimistically accepts her locale, she unravels mysteries both of their preceding and her own.

Yeah so the general gist of things is heroine Chichinashi Bitch-chan gets abandoned by her dad and chucked into the den of 6 wifebeating vampire boys. This is srsly such a brainless game: Ayato ties chichinashi a dartsboard and starts chucking darts at her for fun. He suddenly gets horny and decides to suck blood from her lips and after that, Chichinashi gets all self conscious cuz that was her first kiss. Ayato steadily gets more jealous and possessive, threatening to strangle Chichinashi when he saw her hanging with one of his bros and shoving her into a deep lake and almost letting her drown cuz she was paying more attention to the stars than to him LOL OKAY SO SORRY.

Jesus this is really like domestic abuse am I supposed to be getting off on this??? Reheater shows up againand this time, Ayato and him have a showdown. Ayato beats the shit outta Reheater and then becomes the most powerful vampire by using Chichinashi. I guess the way Light does it is way sexier than the way Ayato does it lol. Their dad caught the two of em having sex or some shit so had Light locked up and big slut Cordelia brings Reheater with her to show Light some NTR porn show.

Later on, Reheater comes to cockblock so Light quickly uses some magic to hide Chichinashi.

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For the voices I guess and dummy head mike thing haha personally, I found myself lmaoing at all the "blood drinking sessions" cuz the guys just sounded so stupidly horny. In Grand total the Diabolik Lovers franchise consists: He suddenly gets horny and decides to suck blood from her lips and after that, Chichinashi gets all self conscious cuz that was her first kiss. The 2 biggest things are clearly supposed to be the likableness of the characters and the execution of the story.

Kanato, screaming too much but still alright.

Diabolik Lovers Otome Game Gets Anime Adaptation

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Diabolik lovers dating sim

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Hiii! we are two girls from Spain, hope you like the game. it´s quite simple, you only have to answer the questions that the Sakamakis ask you. Hope that...