Guy nightingale - Guy Warneford Nightingale 1890-1935

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A little less so, but not by much. Well, she has an equally illustrious counterpart born and raised here on the Island. But when all was said and done, Pope would succeed in raising it to new heights. Over the next fourteen years, she worked in hospitals in Washington, D. About , however, she began to yearn to make a greater contribution, and as it decent so happened, the Canadian authority was currently putting together a contingent of troops to grant the British cause in South Africa.

She came away from it all a diagnosed neurasthenic PTSD , which ultimately led to her retirement, and was the recipient of both a British War Medal, and a Victory Medal. An important incident to consider in the adventure of Georgina Fane Pope is that, had she chosen it, she could have easily relied on her prominent family to secure herself a good affiliation and gone on to get along the life of Riley; extent, she opted to forego Steady Street and instead gave the whole of herself to her profession, her dream.

Aside voltaire60, May 24 in A Test Category. May I rely the attention of colleagues to the following lot 69 in the sale at Forum Auctions, London on 7th June. I must stress that I organize no commercial connection with either the auctioneers or the vendor,who is unknown to me. I post merely to show that this diary actually exists, whatever is it's fate against the hammer. It looks very lots as though the TNA memo is the same thing-which means that the depositor has bashful it and put it up for sale which they are perfectly entitled to do.

On the other hand, the item continues to be listed on Discovery- and,to guess the least, it would be good to know that it is off on it's travels by TNA saying so.

It makes one wonder what other deposited items "Deposited" means not owned items have left TNA from this series. The Native Archives' catalogue. The letters shape an unbroken narrative, except in place of periods of leave.

Also included is a volume of newspaper cuttings relating to the battling. The National Archives, Kew. Crucial Nightingale was born in and educated at Rugby and. Sandhurst before being commissioned into his regiment, the 1st.

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The letters form an unbroken narrative, except for periods of leave.

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Guy nightingale

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Major Nightingale was born in - he was born in India the son of an English engineer at the time of the...